Styling Your Animal Print

Do you ever need to add a little pop to your outfit, but aren’t sure what to do? Well, you’re in luck! Animal prints are the perfect way to go! One of the most popular trends this year has been the classic leopard, cheetah, and snakeskin print. 

One huge tip the animal prints: don’t overdo it. We want a pop, yes, but we don’t need to be over the top. Stick to one or two animal garments at a time (if even). For example, you could wear a cute cheetah one piece and a small pair of cheetah-colored earrings to match. A neutral toned clutch and belt will add an even more simple pop!  


Want to dress the look down into a comfier style? Check out this cheetah combination! 

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Here are some more fashion forward tips on wearing animal print: 

  1. Balance is Key: If you’re wearing an article of clothing, other than an accessory, try to stick to neutral colors (such as black, white, or gray) to make sure your print shows off. 
  2. Is black your color? Great, me too! Any easy way to work a pop into an all black outfit is all in the shoes. Snakeskin booties are one of the latest shoe trends now. They are perfect for any casual or dressy event! 
  3. Don’t be afraid to be bold! Wearing an animal print is the perfect way to step out of your comfortable-style zone.


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