The Perfect Basic

As Summer slowly transitions into Fall/Winter, most of have started thinking about the colder weather wardrobes. At this time of year there’s often a major rush to buy new season trends.  This year, I’ve decided to take a moment to work out what my wardrobe needs this Fall/Winter . And in the meantime, it’s the perfect time to stock up on basics that I’ll wear all year – like the white/black tee. An all important wardrobe staple, it’s the perfect segue into Fall/ Winter


Things to remember when buying a tee

  • Fabric – The fabric you choose will be one of the biggest factors in how it looks on, a softer marl fabric will be more clingy, a ribbed fabric will stretch out horizontally while a thicker fabric will have more shape. To be honest, I often bypass super slouchy tees because I find they are the ones that are more likely to fall apart, opting instead for the thicker, closely woven cotton fabric.
  • Sleeve Length - Cap sleeve or mid-way between the shoulder and elbow? There are so many options for sleeve length when it comes to the white tee and what you choose will come down to your body shape and where you want to wear said tee. For ease of wear I usually go for a slightly longer sleeve when I buy white tees rather than a super short capped sleeve, I’ve always found that length a little more flattering, and when you want a casual look you can always roll it up a few times.
  • Sheerness – Sheer slouchy white tees are the perfect weekend look but tend to be a little unforgiving when it comes to any bumps you may have.
  • Neckline – I find that a high rounded neckline is often more versatile than a v neck, but it will come down to your body shape in terms of choosing one that works for you. Some say that V necklines are more flattering for all body and face shapes, but it’s best to just experiment with a few different looks before deciding.







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Clover Canyon always begins with expressing the mood of a place, its historical textiles, of a time, old-world  & new, with humor….  to visually narrate our story of travel; of a real or hypothetical destination, in aspiration to languish in a faraway, timeless vacation.  Expressing our optimism through our printed textile art is what ignites our process. The final styles reflect the thrilling moment when the garment’s pattern pieces and our graphic art meld in synergy, expressing our creative travel log. -Tamasin Doe

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