A golden fall day with this beautiful dress by LIX. This phenomenal stunning dress is wearable to a wedding or a special event. This dress will really make your look pop and it fits the body very well. The material is stretchy so its a perfect fit to your body and really brings out those beautiful curves.

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Halloween MakeUp Ideas

As many people have found out to their dismay, just having a good Halloween costume is not enough and one needs good Halloween makeup ideas to make it successful. You will also need good quality Halloween makeup ideas to supplement and complement that cool costume that you have bought or created for yourself.

There are multiple aspects to makeup, and everything does not match all costumes. Hence, the following is a list of multiple Halloween makeup ideas that can be used by a diligent Halloween fan.





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So the weather in New York has been a bit bipolar. When its cold its very cold , freezing cold. When its warm its very warm. But for those very chilly days we have a very cozy and warm beige cardigan in store and we are absolutely in love with it. Not only does it keep you super warm but also very stylish. We paired this outfit with heels but you can go for a more casual and comfy look by wearing flats or combat boots even maybe a nice pair of knee high boots for a more casual look for a day at work , a day in the city , or just getting lunch with the girls.




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