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Clover Canyon always begins with expressing the mood of a place, its historical textiles, of a time, old-world  & new, with humor….  to visually narrate our story of travel; of a real or hypothetical destination, in aspiration to languish in a faraway, timeless vacation.  Expressing our optimism through our printed textile art is what ignites our process. The final styles reflect the thrilling moment when the garment’s pattern pieces and our graphic art meld in synergy, expressing our creative travel log. -Tamasin Doe

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The Perfect Tuck


With all of the high-waisted skirts, oversized sweaters, and classic blouses trending right now, learning how to tuck in a shirt (without looking like a sloppy mess) is an important skill to master. While it sounds easy enough, and there are many ways to do it, the tuck can ruin an outfit when not done correctly. To avoid those messy lumps and duck tails, try this little step-by-step guide.

The half tuck is a new trend that can really add a unique sense of style to a simple outfit. I love wearing this trend with bulky sweaters for an unexpected look, but it’s also great with blouses and loose t-shirts. The half tuck is perfect for dressing down mini skirts too. When done right, it can look casual yet somehow refined all at the same time. The trick is making it look like you purposefully tucked in half your shirt instead of sloppily shoved your blouse in your pants as you ran out of the house. It’s a fine line, but you can master it!


1. Grab the bottom, middle portion of your shirt.

2. Keep the shirt flat and tuck just 2 inches into the front of your pants.

3. Run your hands along the bottom of the shirt to smooth it out and away from where it’s tucked in.


How to Wear Leather Jogging Pant

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Kanye West king of leather pants and inspiration behind the leather jogging pants trend has made it’s way into spring season and happen to be one of our favorite trends right now for both women and men. Weather you wear it with casual or dress it up you can rock this style multiple ways. We love rocking’  the leather jogging pants with a pair of funky sneakers, pumps, or booties.

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