Closet Organization & Styling


Are you sick and tired of your messy/cluttered closet? Your closet is full and you still have nothing to wear? We know the feeling. And we want to help you.

We are now offering closet organization and personal styling! We will plan your outfits for every occasion. Let us pick your #OOTD, your #OOTN; business dinner, holiday, party, wedding, vacation, and all else in between.

These services include:

  • Organizing entire closet/accessories
  • Personal Styling
  • Making personal Styleroids (Polaroids). This means we make an entire album of different outfits for different types of occasions so you will always be prepared! They can be as simple as outfits for date nights, girls trips, shopping days, brunch, interviews, etc.
  • Packing for your vacation
    • each outfit will be laid out with all accessories and shoes  

Closet Consultation Fee: $100


If you are interested or have further questions, please let us know!